Lolita & Gilda's Burlesque Poetry Hour

Poets taking it off (the last Monday of every month at Bar Rouge in Dupont Circle -- 1315 16th Street NW Washington, DC at 8 p.m.)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Anna & Lauren TAKE IT OFF!

Lolita kicks off the evening

Anna Ziegler reads many sex poems . . .

. . . and then takes off her belt

Lolita puts it to work -- the belt fetches $15

After passing out her portfolio to the audience -- Lauren Bender offers her cloak of poetry potential

Gilda demonstrates the concept of poetic potential

There are many uses! The cloak garners $30 -- and numerous other investors in this hot IPO

Burlesque audiences just keep getting sexier

Monday, April 17, 2006

All Girl Poetry Action in April

Who says April is cruel? Amy King, Lauren Bender and Anna Ziegler will be taking it off for Lolita and Gilda at Bar Rouge in Washington D.C. Monday, April 24nd. Reading will begin at 8:00 p.m. in The Dark Room at Bar Rouge.

Amy King is the author of Antidotes for an Alibi (Blazevox Books) and The People Instruments (Pavement Saw Press). She is also the managing editor for MiPOesias and an occasional interview correspondent. Please visit for more information.

Lauren Bender is a performing, visual/textual artist living and collaborating in Baltimore.

Recent activities have included:
* providing security services for the Transmodern Age Festival,
* reading text message poems at the Just Buffalo literary series,
* performing her civic duty as a Baltimore City juror,
* researching and collecting field data for the Group for Radical Recombinance,
* editing the first issue (Shizotype) of WORD at PEEK review online.

She occasionally provides:
* weeping for the Performance Thanatology Research Society, where she holds the esteemed title of Feminine Arbiter of Phrases, and
* contributions to various Baltimore-based anthologies, including The Shattered Wig Review.

Anna Ziegler's poetry has appeared in The Best American Poetry 2003, The Threepenny Review, The Michigan Quarterly Review, The Mississippi Review, Arts and Letters, Mid-American Review, Smartish Pace, The Cimarron Review, The Southeast Review, Churchyard, Good Foot, The Saint Ann's Review, Reactions, and many other journals. Last year she taught creative writing at George Washington University and is currently teaching English at the Charles E Smith Jewish Day School. She graduated from Yale in 2001, the University of East Anglia's Master's Program in Creative Writing (Poetry) in 2002 and the NYU MFA program in Dramatic Writing in 2004. Her plays have been published in Ten-Minute Plays for 2 Actors: The Best of 2004 (Smith and Kraus) and New American Short Plays 2005 (ed. Craig Lucas) and have been developed at the Sundance Theatre Lab, Soho Rep Theatre, The Lark Theatre and the Underwood Theater, among other venues.