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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mairéad, Jordan and Alison TAKE IT OFF

Mairéad Byrne livens the evening

She's looking at you!

If you think for one second your getting her Guinness belt . . .

. . . you are most mistaken, it's a lucky horseshoe bracelet -- and it fetches $55!

Jordan Davis works it

uh-huh . . .

oh baby!

and he slides off his sexy soft pink arm garter!

that garners $35 (baby not included)

Oh darling I would have given all the stars in the sky for your arm garter!

Alison Stine peaks the evening

and shows a little more leg

and a hot pink garter -- the soft pink arm garter's mate!

But that's not enough for this rowdy audience -- they DEMAND her fishnet stockings

It was a rough crowd

Sold for $45!

See you in June!