Lolita & Gilda's Burlesque Poetry Hour

Poets taking it off (the last Monday of every month at Bar Rouge in Dupont Circle -- 1315 16th Street NW Washington, DC at 8 p.m.)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Anne, Kate and Betsy TAKE IT OFF!

Anne Gorrick slips into the new year

Gilda is all thumbs

So Anne has to take it off all by herself

What in the world . . .?

A bra overflowing with text!

What would you pay for a poetic bra?

$28, that how much!

Kate Greenstreet builds on the momentum

Brings the audience into the mix

Makes them do her TAKE IT OFF bidding


Poetry Earning Power = $25

Betsy Wheeler shines

And primps

Gives Lolita a few tips

Blows kisses to her adoring fans

Leaving them something to remember

For the bargain price of $18